SageGuild conducts research in the field of human and organization sciences. Specifically, we are focused on crisis decision making, sensemaking, high velocity environments, and High Reliability Organizations.
Areas where SageGuild is adding to Bodies of Knowledge:

  • Campaigns and Strategies
  • Operational Level of Execution
  • Tactical Enhancement
  • Global and Theater Logistics Challenges
  • Preemptive Sensemaking and Sensegiving
  • Critical Node Anticipation and Identification
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Emergence
  • Inter-subjectivity
  • Evidence Based Management and Leadership

What if we could deliver even just a fraction of these advantages to leaders and managers in business? Our research is designed to increase success rates of leaders at the meso level of business.
We call this Proactive sensemaking and sensegiving. We seek to take the SM/SG exchange a step further by creating a usable model – a model that can be used by real people in real situations.