SageGuild understands the challenges facing decision-makers at the federal, state, and local levels in all areas: policy creation, planning, design, operations, and implementation. We enhance government agencies and help them to become more successful at fulfilling their missions and serving their stakeholders.

Our public sector division has deep experience at the highest levels of government in 1) creation, planning, and execution of policy, 2) agency management and leadership, 3) complex projects and initiatives, and 4) rapid proofs of concept and rapid prototyping:
Creation, planning, and execution of policy
This includes intimate knowledge of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS). Also, we are very comfortable with the creation of concepts, the associated planning process (roadmaps, plans of actions and milestones, campaigns), and the exhaustive execution of these processes. SageGuild understands these areas from both the government and industry perspective. This gives us tremendous capacity for the contribution of disproportionate value.
Agency management and leadership
Program management support and leadership are core competencies. We have tremendous experience across the entire spectrum of programs – from Department of Defense Acquisition Category I (DoD ACAT I) to Science and Technology Projects that are seedlings of future major programs of record. The dynamics associated with the different areas of this spectrum are myriad and nuanced, and SageGuild has first-hand experience with them all.
Complex projects and initiatives
The dynamic nature of our government requires agility and flexibility from the participants. Ask any senior leader what is most valuable to them in their staff and they will tell you that the ability to be flexible and quickly respond to changing demands and priorities is priceless. SageGuild has extensive familiarity in remarkably dynamic environments and thrives under pressure.

Rapid proofs of concepts
In a world filled with companies claiming experience in rapid prototyping, SageGuild has accomplished this repeatedly with distinction. Many of our projects have not only garnered the attention of senior leader and end-user alike, they have gone on to more advanced phases and program of record status. Others talk about rapid prototyping – we do it, and then we do it again.
SageGuild has remarkable operational and technical depth. Our team leverages our significant private sector knowledge, and our extensive government service experience to bring best practices to bear for our government clients in every engagement.